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Fix & Flip

Having a second home can be more of a stress than a blessing without someone competent and trustworthy to look after your home. We can ensure your property is taken care of, and give you back the peace of mind you were hoping for when you made the purchase, to begin with. See below for initial pricing. Anything not listed is open for discussion, the information below is just the starting point. 

These services are exclusive to the Greater Phoenix Area, also known as Maricopa County.

For a list of cities covered, click here!

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Reno & Rent

A responsibly run short-term rental property requires a lot of time, attention, and effort.

From the scheduling of cleaners and maintenance crew to following building rules and city bylaws, to the communication with guests and monitoring smart locks and volume sensors to ensure that your neighbors are content.


The most important piece of maximizing profitability for a short-term rental is being up to date on the current events scheduled. We monitor the market trends and take care of this for you.  

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Being actively licensed realtors in Canada, we have the experience to recognize different types of agents.



We are able to locate and identify the best, most trusted agents in Arizona.

We will direct you to an agent that we are fully confident will put your needs first and fits with and aligns with your personality and overall vibe.

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