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We take care of the key pieces that lead to larger income for agents.

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Client Nurturing


As a Realtor, it's in the best interest to your active clients that the majority of your focus and attention is on them. We make sure your next clients are taken care of up until the point where they need you. We notify you exactly when that is for a natural and seamless transition.  

Lead Organization


We will work with the platform that you currently  utilize to ensure all your leads are categorized by timeliness, information gathered and overall confidence to close. This can be done either as a function alongside the Client Nurturing, or as a standalone service.

Lead Generation


Continuing to prospect becomes a difficult task for most Realtors that become busy tending to current client needs. We help keep the funnel full by working with the best cost per lead partners in the industry. There is no perfect system across the board, so we utilize what makes the most sense in your specific locale.

Client Data Privacy of Client Data is extremely important, specifically as it relates to Real Estate Agents. We ensure legal agreements are put in place to protect the integrity of our services and any partner of ours data. The client lists remain the private property of the Realtor at all times.

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Client Reviews, Referrals & Feedback


For truly humble Realtors. one of the most difficult parts about being a successful Realtor is asking your clients to post a review for your business page or ask for a referral. We take that uncomfortable piece off of your plate. As well as collecting information from clients who may have moved on from you to give you a better scope. 

Mentorship (New Agents)


Whether you have a network that includes hundreds of multimillionaires or not, the confidence you have in yourself as a Realtor will dictate your overall level of success. Well... that and how much effort you are willing to put in to get to where you want to be. I will help you grow your confidence. I will not make you a success, only you can do that. I will help get you there 10x faster.

Competitive Advantages & Closing Assistance


As a group of Realtors and Real Estate Professionals, we are on call to help guide an agent through the pieces that make or break a successful Real Estate transaction. We have had wins and losses, and have learned key pieces from each and every experience along the way. 

We will share our incredibly valuable insight, knowledge and advice at the most opportune time to give you the highest chance of success when you need it most.

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